Part time working is a practice that was mainly found in European states. Students who follow university degrees focus on these job opportunities as it brings so many benefits for the students because it ease their living and also it gives them so many experiences for their future. Part time jobs they do sometimes do not relate to the subject matters they study at universities but still they are beneficial for their lives in many ways. Some parents find it difficult to send money to their children who are living abroad for higher education purposes therefore students in order to save pocket money and for their other personal expenses rely on these jobs and save the money sent by their parents for educational purposes. It is a great benefit to both their parents and for them. The experiences they gain from these jobs are priceless as they get a better understanding of the society, meet new people, and learn better communication skills and so on.

Internships on the other hand are different as they have high possibilities to match with the subject matters they study at universities. The ones who are sitting for law exams have possibilities to intern with a senior lawyer to learn the practical aspects of law, the ones who are studying bank management and bank reconciliation have opportunities to go for banks and hold posts of an accountant or help to audits finances and so on. These are beneficial for their lives as they will be above the other students in the university because they have both the theoretical and the practical aspects regarding the subject matter.

Once these experiences are shown in an interview when they seek jobs after studying, seniors and other superior offices get a major viewpoint of them and they get posts like for senior accountant holder, notarial lawyer, legal officer, senior marketing assistant and so on. Therefore it can be seen that internships and part time job opportunities are great benefits for anyone one who is sitting for higher education.

It is a clear fact that the theoretical knowledge we gain gets somewhat different when we start to work somewhere and they rely on practical and user friendly methods. These cannot be learned by sitting for exams, they can only be understood by working with a bunch of successful people and therefore they are extremely important just as college education and every lecturer should push the students to benefit from such limited and worthy opportunities.